Balangiga Press was established in 2015 in Manila as an independent press with the publication of Rogelio Braga‘s novel Colon. Since then the press has published several titles from different authors and actively promoted various independent publications and independent bookshops in the Philippines.

In 2019, Braga was exiled to the United Kingdom and was granted asylum by the British Government in 2022. Academic and writer Jehu Laniog, is currently living in the United States. 

Laniog and Braga facilitate the textual production and reproduction of Balangiga Press together with our authors, collaborators, and readers.  

In 2019, Balangiga Press introduce Balangiga Press Manila to expand the spaces for radical conversations among Southeast Asian writers, activists, community leaders, and academics.  

Balangiga Press is an exiled independent publishing house of Filipino writers and readers in the diaspora and in the archipelago. We are currently based in London, United Kingdom and elsewhere. Our operations have no borders. 

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