Balangiga Press provides creative writing and theatre workshops, public lectures, community conversations, and book talks for students, migrants, and our readers.


balangiga book talk

Listen and engage in conversations with our authors, translators, collaborators, and guest lecturers. Balangiga Book Talks are usually online and open to the public.

Better Living Through Creative Writing

In collaboration with Kanlungan Filipino Consortium in London, Better Living Through Creative Writing is a creative writing workshop for the Filipino and Southeast Asian communities in London. Online workshops are usually free and open to all participants from different backgrounds and locations.


‘Salin’ is the Filipino word for ‘translate’. With the current situation of Balangiga Press indefinitely operating outside the Philippines, we gather Filipino translators working from English to the Filipino language.

The Pink Transcripts

In collaboration with the Bahaghari UK, Kanlungan Filipino Consortium, and Southeast and East Asian Centre. The Pink Transcripts is a theatre project documenting and performing the narratives of LGBTQ+ members of the Southeast and East Asian communities in London.


Ang Teatro ng Timong Silangang-Asya (ATISA) is a research-based theatre-making developed by Rogelio Braga in 2017 as a fellow of the Asian Cultural Council. ATISA focuses on Southeast Asian narratives of resistance, activism, migration, and nationalist identity formations using the concepts of ‘paglulob‘ and ‘pakikisangkot‘ in developing a political theatre.

Online Tagalog Language Class

Balangiga Press delivers online language classes for non-Filipino speakers across the globe. This is in collaboration with Teach Me Tagalog in Manila.